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International Healthcare Center

The Chung-Ang University Hospital has provided International medical service since fall, 2011 and has been expanding our service ever since. A lot of international patients select our hospital to get the high quality medical service and we opened the “International Healthcare Center” in February, 2014. Patient could get the customized consultation such as treatment method, estimated cost and duration of stay when you requested through our center homepage, phone and E-mail.

Our international healthcare center provides a differentiated service as below
- Designation of One to One coordinator by patient. We offer Russian,
  English, Mongolian, Chinese and Japanese translation.
- One – Stop service
  (Examination-Consultation-Inpatient/Outpatient treatment)
- Lounge inside International Healthcare Center
- Offering prepaid cellphone service
- Happy call service after departure
- Replying for the E-mail enquiry within 24 hours

Total care service

International Healthcare Center Staffs