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    1. Specification
    2. Dual Console System : uses two consoles in which two medical staffs can conduct co-work surgery and be used for educational purposes as well
    3. Enhanced 3D Vision : top quality 3-dimensional HD screen amongst all da Vinci surgical systems series
    4. EndoWrist Instrument : device that can rotate up to 540 degrees, enabling operations in greater range
    5. Surgeon Control and Comfort : enables surgeons to control device and camera according to operational needs. Audio, video, system and all other settings can be changed at Surgeon Console.
    1. Indicants
    2. Department of Urology : prostate cancer, bladder cancer, renal cancer, and etc.
    3. Department of Surgery : thyroid cancer, thyroid nodule, and etc.
    4. Department of Gynecology : cervical cancer, endometrial cancer, hysteromyomectomy, and etc.
    5. Department of Thoracic Surgery : lung cancer, esophageal cancer, mediastinal tumor, atrial septal defect, valve surgery, and etc.
    1. Specifications
    2. The first class technology 256 slice CT in Korea
    3. Faster scan speed (185mm table speed per second)
    4. The scanner enables improved image quality in all body areas
    5. Good experience for the patients
    6. Real time image review
    7. Improved trauma handling
    8. Large coverage open opportunities for new applications such as perfusion
    1. Scan capability
    2. Brain perfusion for improved patients prognosis
    3. 3 seconds for cardiac CT for all cardiac diseases
    4. Whole body CT angio for all vessels
    5. Whole body trauma in 10 seconds
    6. Virtual colonoscoly
    7. 2 seconds for all lung diseases scan. Etc.
  •    PET-CT (Positron Emission Tomography-Computed tomography) can produce PET and CT images with a single examination. It can detect not only cancer in its early stages, but also the occurrence of metastasis and malignancy, so a choice of treatment methods is possible. After treatment it continues to play a critical role in detecting the recurrence of cancer, and is further useful for the diagnosis of cardiovascular diseases and brain diseases such as dementia and epilepsy.
  •    MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) allows doctors to view every part of the human body in cross-sectional or 3-D images. These pictures are used for the diagnosis of diseases in the brain, spine, nervous system and circulatory system. The 3.0T at CAUH is leading-edge technology, producing diversified images by using a higher magnetic field than the existing 1.5T does to allow detailed diagnosis of even a small legion without resolution resistance.
  •    CT (Computed Tomography) facilitates the finding of diseases by taking continuous pictures of every 1-10mm thick slice of the body, providing images of the anatomic structure. The 3-D imaging can be applied to the virtual endoscopic examination of the arteries, the stomach, and the colon. In addition, it produces the stereoscopic images of moving organs, such as the heart, making it possible to diagnose various diseases in a short time.
  •    LINAC (The Linear Particle Accelerator) applies radiation through the body to destroy and kill tumor tissues. Ultra-precision radiation therapy is possible using IMRT, which adjusts the intensity of radiation according to the shape of the tumor, along with 3D-conformal therapy, IGRT, RPM, etc. The OBI installed in LINACis capable of fluoroscopy and Cone Beam CT (CBCT), allowing accurate identification of the treatment area.
  •    AXIOM Artis dBA (Angiographic equipment) boasts outstanding resolution and 3D images to allow a more accurate diagnosis of legions for interventional treatment. At the same time, its low-dose radiation provides a safe environment for examination. The cooperative system between the treatment and control rooms not only allows for accurate diagnosis and treatment, but also shortens treatment time.
    1. Specification
    2. Digital radiography through installation of DR device
    3. Digital radiography through installation of DR device
    4. Quick and easy tests with high resolution
    5. Efficient networking through PACS (picture archiving and communication system)
    6. Reduction in patient waiting time and increase in patient satisfaction level through top quality test images
    1. Specification
    2. Automation of all process before the test using automated transport system
    3. Specimen collection from patient - return to pre-analytical system - Automatic centrifugation - specimen division - specimen transport using an analyzer - Specimen analysis - quality assurance - transmission of test results via OCS (order communication system) - storage of tested specimen
    4. Test and diagnosis done in one day
    5. Adjustable to other needs that tests might require due to change in hospital environment
    1. Specification
    2. A hospital with no films and slips but flawless chart/film using OCS/EMR and PACS
    3. Prescription and test result check available at any location using wireless network
    4. Installation of KIOSKs
    5. Medical information system through establishment of DW, ABC costing and GW system
    6. Digital management through operation of cost accounting system
    7. Leading IT hospital through competitive advantage in E-Business
    1. Specification
    2. Extracorporeal Shock Wave Lithotripsy (ESWL)
    3. Angiography
    4. Gamma camera
    5. LINEAR
    7. PET-CT
    8. Ultrasound