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Greetings from the CEO

For the last half century, Chung-Ang University Hospital has tried its best to develop medical science and to promote health of the nation, providing the finest healthcare service with excellent medical teams and experts for patients. Chung-Ang University Hospital is also consistently investing to establish the best infrastructure for its medical treatment, acquiring the newly refined da Vinci Si Robotic Surgical System, three-dimensional digital equipment for coronary angiography, 256-slice iCT, PET-CT, MRI, linear accelerators, etc.

With such efforts, Chung-Ang University Hospital was able to acquire the highest rating for a Local Emergency Medical Center for eight consecutive years and a prime grade from the assessment evaluation for treating stroke patients for three consecutive times. Furthermore, it has been selected as the best hospital in all areas of healthcare service for two consecutive terms, maintained its ability to publish the most SCI international dissertations per faculty for four consecutive years, and acquired a prime grade in the evaluation of operative mortality rate for three major cancers. For the first time ever for a university hospital, it has been selected as a national licensee for operating blood donation houses, and received the grand prize from the Korean Health Industry Award and the Client-centered Management Award. Chung-Ang University Hospital is indeed recognized as one of the best medical institutions in Korea with its top-quality treatment and services.

After constructing Da-jung Hall, Chung-Ang University Hospital now boasts 840 licensed beds and the nation’s best thyroid center which is achieving the One-Day & One-Stop Service. Moreover, the Cardiovascular and Arrhythmia Center with its cutting-edge technology of robotic surgery utilizing the da Vinci Si System and three-dimensional digital equipment for angiocardiography, and the Health Promotion Center with an innovative RFID system for efficient and secure treatment promise each and every client the best healthcare service and joy.

Chung-Ang University Hospital is also taking the lead in invigorating the medical industry by hosting medical volunteer projects abroad, conducting the Q-Health Project which aims to advise and train the faculty of Quang Nam General Hospital in Vietnam, setting up an international healthcare service center and an international ward for foreign patients and providing training courses for healthcare providers overseas.

Han Jun Lee, M.D.,Ph.D
President & CEO,
Chung-Ang University Hospital