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STOP taking certain medication
Blood thinners may increase the risk of bleeding if biopsy is performed during endoscopy procedure.
You should stop taking the blood thinner medications such as coumadin, aspirin, and plavix 1 week prior to the check-up date.
Fasting for the check-up examination from midnight
To ensure the most accurate results possible, it is important that you do not eat or drink anything after midnight on the day before your examination.
The exception is medication such as cardiac (heart) or anti-blood pressure pills.
Certain medications SHOULD be continued
If you take cardiac (heart) or anti-hypertensive(high blood pressure) medications, take them as your normally do with small sips of water. Endoscopy might not be performed if blood pressure is too high.
If you have diabetes and take diabetes medicine
Do not take the diabetic medication(s) in the morning on your procedure date.
Bring your diabetes medication with you and take the pill after the check-up
Urine test for female examinee
You may not be able to have the urine analysis test if you having your menstrual period.
All women in their reproductive active period must confirm whether they are pregnant or not prior to check-up.
The urine HCG(urine pregnancy test) should be performed if you suspect pregnancy
Preparing for a colonoscopy (Diet)
A week before the colonoscopy procedure → Start eating a low residue diet and limit your intake of fiber and other undigested materials to minimize the production of solid waste: no whole grains, nuts, seeds, dried fruit, or raw fruits or vegetables.
The day before the colonoscopy procedure → Don't eat solid foods. Instead, consume only clear liquids like clear broth or bouillon, black coffee or tea, clear juice, clear soft drinks or sports drinks, etc.If examinee does not take the prepared purgative properly, patient might have the incomplete colonoscopy results.
In a preparation for CT scanning (using contrast)
We will check the allergy history. If examinee has the known of allergy reaction to iodinate contrast (dye), CT scanning cannot be performed.