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Health Promotion Center
   Early diagnosis of disease is facilitated by specialized medical treatment teams and cutting-edge equipment. Comparative analysis with past examination results allows the accurate and earlier prediction of abnormal health conditions. In the case of abnormal findings, the patient can be promptly transferred to the relevant department. The general practitioner system allows continuous connection between the examinee and treatment team, supporting the customized lifelong one-to-one health management.
  1. Comfort
  2. Systematic and quick appointment process through a specialized consulting nurse
  3. Limited number of examinees per day for the comfort of clients
  1. Accuracy
  2. High-tech health examination equipment, including PET-CT, MRI, MRA, CT, and capsule endoscopy
  3. Direct treatment and judgement by medical specialists and professors in the relevant fields
  1. Customized Medical Examination
  2. Examination programs specialized for different sex and ages
  3. Special examinations take family history in consideration
  4. Premium comprehensive full examinations
  1. Continuous Health Management
  2. Comparative analysis with past examination results
  3. Prompt cooperative treatment if health-threatening factors or diseases have been found
  4. Customized lifelong one-to-one health management through the general practitioner system