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Spinal Cord Center
   Our Spinal Cord Center selects treatment methods to quickly reduce pain and to enable patients to return to their daily life. Therefore, we exert all our efforts to treat our patients through non-surgical treatment methods such as injections, drug treatment and radio frequency nerve treatment. We strive to treat patients using various surgical methods to treat patients that are not fully treated by non-surgical methods.

   Our Spinal Cord Center is equipped with "dynamic diagnosis system" through joint efforts between spinal cord specialists and pain center specialists to allow patients to undergo tests, diagnosis and treatment in one day. All related specialists are placed in close distance to conduct necessary diagnosis and treatment. These specialists share information, cooperate and suggest in which it allows patients to receive proper treatment at all times.

Our Spinal Cord Center aims to go beyond traditional methods and focus only on diagnosis and treatment of our patients with new diagnosis systems as to present top quality treatment.
  1. Spinal Cord Nerve Clinic
   Back and neck pain, which 80% of the population experience, are caused by spinal cord diseases. Our Spinal Cord Nerve Clinic treats spinal cord diseases such as disc, hierolisthesis, stenosis, spine fracture, spinal cord tumor and all other diseases related to the spinal cord.
We have adopted various new and minimal invasive treatment methods such as spinal cord navigation device, spinal cord endoscopy, laser operation, METRx system and artificial disc operation as to minimize bleeding and damage on spinal cord structure.
  1. Equipment of Spinal Cord Nerve Clinic / Treatment Method
Spondylodesis using spinal navigation device
The operator can safely and precisely conduct spinal cord operations by monitoring the 3D view of the spinal cord.

  1. Minimal invasive spinal cord operation
   Damage on spinal structure during the operation can cause aftereffects. Our center utilizes METRx system, spinal endoscopy and other equipment to minimize bleeding and damage on spinal structure to allow patients to recover quickly and reduce pain.
  1. Artificial disc operation
   If the disc is removed and the spinal cord is fixed, it disturbs spinal cord movement as to make patients feel uncomfortable. Furthermore, regressive changes are observed in the upper and lower part of the joints as time passes.
In order to prevent this problem, the destroyed disc of the spine cord and neck can be removed, just as in a knee or coxal articulation, and replaced with an artificial disc to enable movement.
  1. Spinal endoscopic operation
   The endoscopic operation does not cut the skin but instead places a 6 mm hole to perform operations to minimize damage on ligaments and muscles. It removes disc fragments by using laser and radio frequency. This method can be used on patients with other diseases, aged patients or patients with diabetes as it does not require general anesthesia.