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Cardiovascular Center
   Cardiovascular center of Chung-Ang University Hospital is one of the leading cardiovascular centers in Korea. Our center offers successful operations and treatments with the high-technology equipment for diverse diseases of heart and peripheral vascular system.

   Our Cardiovascular Center operates a highly credible Cardiovascular Core Lab under cooperative system with specialists of Cardiovascular Internal Medicine, Cardiovascular Surgery, Child Cardiovascular, Radiology, Cardiovascular Nuclear Medicine, Cardiovascular Anesthesia, Nursery, Cardiopulmonary and Radiography as to improve quality of research and offer safe treatment.
  1. Our Cardiovascular Center operates 24-hours a day
   Emergency medical system is established to prevent sudden deaths from diverse heart diseases in which it was enable by high rate of successful emergent coronary interventions and coronary bypass graft operations. Furthermore, emergent operation of disruption of aneurysm, aortic dissection, heart valve disease and occlusion of arteriovenous fistula are also possible with high success rate and credible safety.
  1. Leading Cardiovascular Core Lab
   We operates a leading Cardiovascular Core Lab under cooperative system with specialists of cardiology, blood vessels, research nursery, statistics, professional nursery, and radiology to perform comprehensive treatment of cardiovascular diseases. It corporate with more than 30 cardiovascular centers throughout the world to contribute to the development of cardiovascular area and to provide finest treatment for our patients.
  1. Precise cardiovascular operations using new equipments
   Our center is the first hospital in our country to be equipped with 256 Slice CT, 32 Coil Cardiac MR in which we can perform precise tests on cardiovascular system. We also possess high-tech digital radiograph equipment and Virtual Histology IVUS, which enables detailed analysis of atherosclerotic disease and performing precise operations.
  1. Up-to-date treatment for arrhythmia
   We also perform cardiac defibrillator operations and radiofrequency catheter ablation in order to prevent sudden deaths from heart arrhythmia.
  1. Treatment of peripheral vascular diseases through multiple approaches
   Treatment of peripheral vascular diseases is rapidly developing nowadays. Our center performs operations on cerebrovascular system, aorta & iliac artery, axial artery of the lower limb occlusion, and arteriovenous fistula diseases. Furthermore, we take multi-disciplinary approach to conduct minimal invasive or percutaneous techniques (stenting, angioplasty) with specialists from multiple departments such as Cardiovascular Surgery, Cardiovascular Internal Medicine, Thoracic Surgery, Radiology, Neurology, Nephrology and Orthopedics. We also offer precise and efficient diagnosis and treatment of various diseases such as deep venous thrombosis, chronic venous insufficiency, varix, lymphedema, and Raynaud syndrome as to increase patient’s quality of life.